The Art of "Wuthering Heights"

The Art of "Wuthering Heights"

So few books have captured the imagination of so many as Emily Bronte's shattering Gothic tale, Wuthering Heights.  Spurned by critics when originally published, the novel was seen as horrific for its depictions of mental and physical abuse--and for its characters' wild departures from Victorian moral standards. The truths of both, however, hit the story's generation hard--and have continued to ring true for every generation since.  

Countless artists have attempted to capture the dark passion and Gothic mood of Bronte's enduring classic.  From Fritz Eichenberg's stunning 1940s-era etchings to 21st century tributes by Deviant Artists, the tumultuous relationship of Catherine and Heathcliff lives on and on and on . . . .

Rovina Cai (for the Folio Society edition)

Clarisse Silva (Artstation)

Paul Hogarth (for the Penguin Classics edition, 1963)

wuthering heights
Vikkki (Deviant Art)

Balthus (Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Gerlanda di Francia (

Fritz Eichenberg (for Random House, 1943)

Anastasia Firsova (Dribble)

Nachan (Deviant Art)

Laura Hope (Independent project)
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