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The Old Stacks

INTRODUCING our EXCLUSIVE "Scarlett's Desperation Garden" Seed Collection | the first of our NEW LITERARY GARDENS seed collections

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You'll never be hungry again when you plant this saucy collection of Georgia delights, inspired by the beloved novel, Gone with the Wind and Scarlett O'Hara's vow.

Based on the great homes and estates of literature, Seeds of the Prairie and The Old Stacks bring you these whimsical wildflower seed collections, so you can grow a little bit of bookish magic in your own corner of the world.

The SCARLETT'S DESPERATION KITCHEN GARDEN Seed Collection contains individual packets of the following seeds:

Chicory "Forage,"  Georgia Southern Collards, Radish "French Breakfast," White Dutch Clover, Southern Pea "Iron & Clay," Spearmint, Heirloom Turnip "Golden Globe," Sorghum, Bells of Ireland, Watermelon "Georgia Rattlesnake,"  Lemon Balm, Nasturtium "Spitfire"

Complete planting instructions are provided on each packet.

Quality organic seed packed for this year from Seeds of the Prairie, an Illinois woman-owned company!