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Magic Lantern Press

The Book Lover's Companion: My Reading Journal, Notes and Literary Bucket Lists

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This handsome, hardcover literary journal will become a treasured companion for anyone who loves the literary life. With room for 170 book summaries and reviews, plus reading bucket list, "bookventures" bucket list for literary-inspired travel,  bookstore and library bucket list, literary media section to note interesting podcasts, social media sites, films and blogs, and an end section for general notes, the avid reader will find this a wonderful record book that will become an heirloom keepsake and reference book. 

  • 400 pages
  • Room for 170 book summaries and reviews
  • Bucket lists for reading, literary travel, bookstore and library visits 
  • Logs for literary media, including blogs, film, podcasts and social media sites.
  • Hardcover casewrap binding